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Overnight Hire.png

While you're checking out the game, make sure you check out our overnight hires, a collection of our favourite variations and modifications that you can make to psycho killer that will change the game without having to change your game!

Trial and Terror.png

trial and terror is a way for players with earlier editions of psycho killer to play the updated rules that are featured in our newest editions.

If you're playing with the first edition (especially with two players), make sure you check these rules out first!

Killing Time Title.png

a break neck, 5-minute version of psycho killer to play when you want to kill your friends while killing some time.

Upside Down_edited.png

put cards back in the deck face up. seeing the danger coming only makes it more terrifying.

Overkiller Title.png

keep predicaments in your hand to play later with devastating consequences. plus there's a surprise twist if you get left for dead! 


The best cards from our expansions all together in one ultimate game of psycho killer. we will keep this updated with any new expansions that we release!

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