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If you are interested in stocking our games, check out our sell sheets and then fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please send us an email at!

please note: retailers in the U.S. are able to sell our games on their online store, however you are unable to sell on amazon due to commitments we have with distributors.

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Psycho Killer is an exciting, hilarious and fast-paced card game based on retro horror and slasher films. With a beautiful and unique VHS design, psycho killer will be sure to catch customers' eyes, no matter how you display it.

If you are a retailer in Australia & NZ or in the UK, please contact vr distribution Australia or vr distribution UK to buy wholesale directly from them. 

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In 'What On Earth Are You Talking About?', two teams race to translate uniquely human concepts into something even an alien can understand. Compete against your friends and the intergalactic language barrier as your crewmates rush to figure out what on earth you are talking about!



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Invoices are sent via Paypal upon delivery of your order with NET15 terms. Please leave a note if you would like another arrangement.

Once you hit submit we will begin processing your order. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your form. Please contact us right away if there are any issues with your order.


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