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You're lost in the woods with no supplies. every choice you make, even down to turning left or turning right, could be the difference between life and a gruesome death.

with a lightning fast set up and even more thrilling gameplay, psycho killer thriller brings a new level of terror to your game of psycho killer.

Before you get started with psycho killer
thriller, you will need to know how to play the original version of psycho killer. head back to the rule page and meet us back here when you're up to speed.

Psycho Killer
Thriller is played with your base game and doesn't require any additional cards, however, it can be played with all of our expansions.

To play Psycho Killer
thriller, you only need to make two changes to your game:

Step 1 Split The Deck.png

In psycho killer thriller, the deck will be split in two, giving you more choice over which cards you draw, which ones you avoid, and how to screw over the other players.

Step 2 No Supplies.png

you start off Psycho Killer thriller with no cards. The terrifying draws at the start of the game will get your heart racing, and the best part is the time it takes to set up the game goes from a matter of minutes to a matter of seconds!!!

Step 3 how to play.png

To set up your game of Psycho killer thriller, shuffle the deck and split it roughly into two sides, with the discard pile located between them. 

PK Deck.png
Discard Pile.png
PK Deck.png

players begin the game with no cards and end their turns by drawing the top card from either side of the deck.

There are some cards that allow players to interact with the deck.
As a general rule, when a card refers to "the Deck" just think of that as "either side of the deck". we have also listed a few of the trickier cards below, with explanations of how they interact with the split deck.

Slam the door
If you slam the door, you must draw the next card from the same side of the deck as your initial draw. If that card is the last card on that side of the deck, you can draw the top card from the other side of the deck.

When you disarm, you must choose one side of the deck to be the side you shuffle all cards into. The other side of the deck does not get shuffled.

Double tap
When playing a double tap, you can put the psycho killer back into either side of the deck.

Found footage
you can view a total of 3 cards from either side of the deck (eg. 2 from one side and 1 from the other). Note: apply the same principle for I know what you'll do next summer from the gratuitous violence expansion.

Car troubles
you can choose which side of the deck to shuffle your cards back into, but you can draw either side of the deck.

A graveyard at midnight
you must draw a total of 3 cards, but they can be drawn from either side of the deck (eg. 2 from one side and 1 from the other).

Be sure to Choose your way carefully, because It's close to midnight and Something evil is lurking from the dark {

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