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You must evade the Psycho Killer lurking in the deck while also trying to unload the weapons he will use to attack you. Fast-paced, strategic and hilarious, Psycho Killer will keep you on your toes and guessing until the very last twist.  


Psycho Killer was created in Canberra as a side project from the designers of Escape Rooms Canberra. Coming to life after reaching 280% funding on Kickstarter in May 2020, Psycho Killer will bring the terror, excitement and ridiculousness of your favourite retro horror films to your next games night!

Don't go into the woods, don't split up and, for the love of god, service your car before you take a roadtrip through the middle of nowhere.


And if you're going to do none of that, then at least read the rules before you get started!


There is a Quick Start Video, but we wholly recommend you read through the rules as well and check out the card list to know what you're getting yourself into! 

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EXPAND Your Game

Watch this space for all the Psycho Killer expansions. 




Want to get in the retro horror mood? Then check out the Psycho Mix on Spotify - a playlist full of retro synth, classic horror soundtracks, and of course, thematically appropriate bangers from the 70's, 80's and 90's!


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