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Psycho Killer Demo

So you've got a demo of Psycho Killer? You're probably wondering what the deal is, and rightfully so. Here's a brief rundown.


In May 2020 we completed our Kickstarter for Psycho Killer, and one thing we wanted to achieve was to have our cards printed locally. We ordered 500 copies, and when they didn't come out as desired, we decided to use that opportunity to use them as demos instead. With copies of Psycho Killer headed all over the world for our Kickstarter backers, we figured we would sneak in a demo or two and use our backers as guerilla marketers. They must have thought that Psycho Killer would be a good fit in your store, and so have given you a copy to demo.

The demo copy you have is a little different to the official copy of Psycho Killer. A few of the cards have changed and the quality of the card and box is much better in the official game, but the gist is the same, so give it a spin and see if it's something you would want to stock in your store!