Survival Cards

Help you unload weapon cards and avoid the Psycho Killer.

Booby Trap.png
Dead End.png
Hide Under The Bed.png
Let's Split Up.png
Trap Door.png


Are basically used to screw other players over.

No Signal.png
Drop Your Keys.png
Trip Over.png
Hitch Hike.png


Help you avoid being attacked.

Double Tap.png
Book of the Dead.png
Single Tap.png
Found Footage.png


Help you minimise your score.



These cards throw a spanner into your best-laid plans. It wouldn't be a horror flick without some predicaments.

Car Troubles.png
Do You.png
A Garveyard At Midnight.png
It's Behind You.png
Step On A Twig.png


These are the weapons the Psycho Killer will use to attack you!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Consult these before you flip over the table and storm off.

If I don’t have any cards, what happens to me? You still get a card but do not pass one on.


Can I pass on the card that I received?

No, you cannot. Nice try! 

I picked up a Psycho killer but I had no Signal. Can I play my double tap or single tap?

No, you cannot. Those are cards and you can’t play them.


I played a No signal and then reversed the direction of play. Who Am I screwing over?

End your turn. Whoever's turn it is Right now doesn’t get to play a card.

Do I Have to give away two cards, or can it just be one?

It HAs to be two! Decisions, decisions!

Can I play my Trip Over on A Psycho Killer or predicament card?

Wouldn’t that be nice? No, you cannot. You cannot play this card on any card that has a stop symbol on it.

Is there a time limit on when I can use my trip over?

Yes. You must play this card before the action of the card you are trying to stop has been complete. For example, if someone plays a 'drop your keys' and tries to give you two cards, you can stop the action of that card up until the point where you look at the cards. 

Another example would be if a player uses a 'Disarm'. You can stop that action right up to the point that they shuffle their weapons into the deck, but once they have done that they can't really take them back now, can they?

Can I play the card that I just picked up?

Yes. Playing book of the dead doesn’t end your turn so you can keep on playing after you’ve picked up the card that you want.

Can I single or double tap someone else’s  Psycho Killer?


Can I single or double tap a betrayal?

No, stop asking!

Can someone play a trip over on my single tap?

Yes, they can!

Can they play one on my double tap?

No, because it has a stop symbol on it. 

with my double tap, Can I count in the deck where I place the psycho killer?

Yes, we encourage it!

I just picked up a psycho killer. Can I play a reanimate to put it back in the deck?

No, you cannot. You can only get rid of a psycho killer that is already in your injury pile.

Can I still PLay this card if I don’t have 3 points worth of weapon cards in my injury pile?

Yes, you can and you just pick up or give away what you currently have.


Can I pick up of give someone a psycho killer?

No, you cannot, only weapon cards.


Can I stack these cards up to pick up or get rid of 6 or 9 points worth of weapon cards?

Clever! Yes, you can. It Might help with that pesky chainsaw.

Do the weapons go in my hand or injury pile? Hand! You’re welcome!

Can I pick up my own weapon cards?

Yes, we recommend it!

There isn’t 5 point worth of weapon cards in everybody’s injury piles!

Just pick up what there is and count yourself lucky.

Do black cards count towards six cards I draw from the deck?

No, they don't. Including the card you kept, you should end up with 7 cards in your hand.

What if the cards can't be split evenly?

The player that you combined hands with can choose which pile they want.